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How to book the tour ?
You can browse through our different tour options to see which tour is the right fit for you. And at every tour option, we have the Booking icon, you click and fill in some information about your trip detail. Should you need any information or any assistance, please contact us by email or online supporting system.
What is the difference between morning, afternoon and evening tours?
Each tour with different time offers something different while the areas that we visit will normally be the same. This is because each tour visits around 5-7 districts. If you are looking to book multiple tours we recommend booking different types of tours. For example, we recommend you book a Morning Market Tour and then a Night Ghost Tour. This would give you the chance to have two very different experiences of Vietnamese Culture.
Are there any discounts for children under 12?
Yes, we offer 50% of adult price for children under 12. As details, the price would be: Children 2 – 6 years : Free of charge Children from 6 to 10 years : 50% price of Adult price Children more than 12 years : Adult price
Do children enjoy the tour?
They love the tour! We have not seen a child who has ever seemed disappointed on any of our tours. We think that our company offers possibly the best thing to do as a family in Saigon. Children can often get bored pretty easily on a regular tour on a bus. Put them on a motorbike in Saigon… there is nothing boring about that to anyone no matter the age.
Are cameras allowed on the tours?
Definitely! Cameras (and videos) are allowed and encouraged during the tour. A camera is always a good addition. However, we urge you not to take pictures while being on the motorbike as this can be quite dangerous. If you wish to take pictures, please ask your guides to pull over. Also please take extra care of your camera in order to avoid theft.
Is sitting on the motorbike safe?
People are always amazed at how comfortable and safe they feel after the initial first two minutes on the motorbike. The traffic seems insane when you are looking from the outside in! Once you get into it you understand that there is a flow and that the vehicles aren’t actually going that fast. We do take your safety as our No.1 priority so all of our drivers have been tested and trained in safety when it comes to driving our customers through Ho Chi Minh City traffic.
Is it private tour?
Yes! It will be private tour for you! With private tour you can feel free and comfortable to take this tour to experience or educate yourself up to 99%.
Is it safe to ride a motorbike in the rain?
Yes, it is safe to ride the motorbike in the rain. It is just a little wet or alot of wet depending on the rain. If the rain gets to heavy we will pull the tour over to stop for a few minutes as we let the rain subside until we would like to get onto the bikes again. We have no problem driving in a light drizzle. If it is raining hard, it is not truly a safety issue for us with our experienced and skilled drivers but more of a discomfort for our customers as we do not want you to feel like you jumped into a pool.
Is it scary for any tour?
Absolutely not. We focus on providing quality tourism options to the city we do love, Saigon. So we would like to provide a quality tour experience for our customers. Those who want to experience Saigon from a different kind of tour, different perspective, and take a deep look, get the knowledge and understand Saigon up to 99% through its history, culture and customs, people's lives and beliefs.
What payment methods do you accept?
For payment: You can pay by cash in USD or Vietnam Dong for your tour guide after finishing each tour. The rate exchange will depend on the day you join the tour.
Are your tours the same every day?
Our ever-changing tour route of unique experience changes after a period of time. We try and make our tours as enjoyable for our guides as it is for our visitors so that everyone can enjoy the experience of sharing a great moments together. For repeated customers, we would love to setup a new route for you to try!
Is it safe with Midnight tour?
Do not worry! Saigon is the never sleep city. At the time from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM, there are a lot of people outside with many night activity. We take you to areas where we know it will be safe for you.
Is it safe with slum tour?
Do not worry! Many people said that these slum areas are not safe with mafia, unfriendly people,.....But We think difference because we are local - we know all local there - They are the poor but not poor in their heart.
What should I wear to join the tour?
For our tours we recommend that you wear covered shoes (preferably rubber) as you may walk in the dirt, especially when it rains. For all our other tours, you can wear comfortable casual clothes. Women do not need to worry about dressing conservatively but like every culture, by wearing revealing clothing, you can sometimes invite unwelcome attention. We also recommend modest clothing if you intend to enter churches or religious places. Please do not forget to bring a hat and use sunscreen, because when the sun is out, it can get extremely hot!
When is the best time to visit? Do you ever have to cancel tours because of the weather conditions?
We run our tours right throughout the year, but the weather can be a little more unpredictable during the rainy season (roughly from June to November). We will cancel tours 2-3 hours in advance depending on the strength of the rain or winds.
Do you do the tours in other languages apart from English?
Unfortunately, our tour leaders do not speak any languages other than English and Vietnamese. We still can provide tour guide with different language options but the additional fee will be charged.
I want to donate, can I bring goods to the Slum Tour?
Please be aware that we don’t distribute goods during our tours. This may cause unwanted attention and is distracting for other people who attend the tour. Donations (food, school supplies, shoes etc) can be dropped off at the end of the tour and our tour leader will talk with the social worker about proper distribution of products. Note that if you decide to bring the donation with you to the tour, our Tour Leader does not carry the luggage/bag you bring. We discourage bringing very heavy luggage during the tour.
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